Christopher Ranch Monviso Peeled Garlic

Christopher Ranch Monviso Peeled Garlic is delicious and convenient.

The garlic is pre-peeled. So no more struggles whenever you need to use garlic! Use this delicious garlic to cook and accent your dishes. The garlic is grown in California. It is 100% Monviso California Heirloom garlic. No foreign components. No unknown origins. This is taste and quality that you can depend on!

Garlic is very healthy and can nicely complement many of your dishes.

I have purchased this numerous times. A bag typically lasts me about a month. I add it to my diet as a part of a healthy lifestyle. There are a lot of antioxidants and benefits to consuming garlic. This product helps me consume more garlic without the nuisance of peeling them.

Christopher Ranch Monviso Peeled Garlic


Christopher Ranch Monviso Peeled Garlic Product Review

  • Product Review Details:
    • Item name: Christopher Ranch Monviso Peeled Garlic
    • Item #5855
    • 100% Monviso California Heirloom garlic
    • 3 lbs (48 OZ)
    • Grown in Gilroy, California
    • Product of U.S.A.
  • Product Ingredients List:
    • Garlic
  • Price Panel (your local Costco warehouse selection, pricing, and configuration may differ):
    • The Christopher Ranch Monviso Peeled Garlic is currently selling at my local Costco Warehouse for $7.39
    • I have not seen this item on discount before
    • This item is currently not available on

Christopher Ranch Monviso Peeled Garlic Costco Price Panel

  • Back Panel Description 1:
    • California grown garlic
    • Peeled for your convenience

Christopher Ranch Monviso Peeled Garlic Back Panel Description

  • General Advisement:
    • This is a 3 pound bag of garlic. If you cannot finish the whole bag before the expiration date, consider freezing a portion of it in a Ziploc bag.
    • Frozen garlic has different texture. Be aware of this before you use frozen garlic for some of your dishes. The texture may be different than fresh garlic.

Have you bought Christopher Ranch Monviso Peeled Garlic before?

Did you like it? Or do you disagree with this product review? Does your local warehouse have the item in stock?

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