Mariani Dried Mango Slices with No Added Sugar!

Every one loves mangoes! It’s delicious, nutritious, and delightful to eat. Mariani dried mango slices captures all of the mango appeal in an easy to open bag that can be enjoyed whenever and wherever.

Mariani dried mango slices are flavorful and provides a consistent juicy and satisfying texture. What I like most about this product is that they don’t rub a bunch of sugar crystals on the surface. In fact, this Mariani family product has no added sugar. Other dried mango brands rub a bunch of sugar on their sour mango slices to improve the flavor. Mariani mangoes are from the best growers and the flavors are spot on without additional sugar.

Product Details for Mariani Dried Mango Slices 

  • Item name:  No Sugar in Mariani Dried Mango Slices.
  • By the Mariani family.
  • 100% fruit dried mango slices.
  • No sugar added.
  • Packaged by Mariani packaging Co. in California.
  • Product of the Philippines.

Mariani Dried Mango Slices Ingredients List

Just dried mango. No sugar added!

Mariani Dried Mango Slices Nutrition Facts

Service size is about half a cup (40 grams) for Mariani dried mango slices. That’s about 8 pieces of dried mangoes. Each serving of dried mangoes has 140 calories, 0 of which are from fat. There is also no sodium or cholesterol in this product.

Mangoes are naturally quite sweet and there are 24 grams of sugars in each serving. No extra sugar was added during the manufacturing process.

No Sugar in Mariani Dried Mango Slices Nutrition Facts Ingredients List

Unpredictable mango seasons and how to enjoy them anytime

Have you ever wondered why mangoes sporadically appear in your local grocery store? Sometimes they are juicy and ripe. Other times mangoes disappear for months just to return a different variety that is not as tasty or juicy. The reason is due to this fruit’s season.

Mangoes grow in tropical climates and are harvested twice a year. Different tropical countries harvest mangoes at various times so there really isn’t a predictable schedule of when you’d see a particular kind of mango. Fortunately, with modern food dry technology, you can enjoy savory mango slices no matter what season it is.

Marini works with the best mango growers to ensure good quality and most importantly, great taste!

No Sugar in Mariani Dried Mango Slices Product Background Family

Where to purchase Mariani mango slices

Already made up your mind? Amazon has this item in stock at the best price with shipping included.

Do you love mangoes? Have you purchased Mariani products before?

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