Le Chef Patissier French Raspberry Tartlets

The Le Chef Patissier French Raspberry Tartlets are delicious raspberry tartlet cookies made from a French recipe with real fruits.

How to describe the taste of these raspberry tartlets?

Savory and irresistible. For me, it has been hard to eat just one. The raspberry tartlets are made with real fruits. The tartlet filling mainly consists of raspberry, apple, and passion fruit puree and juice. You can see the complete ingredient list in the product review below.

Le chef patissier is a French company. Located in a little town called Avranches near Normandy, France. It is a family-owned business and they focus on making delicious cookies with the best ingredients. And it is easy to taste that philosophy from just one bite.

What I like about these raspberry tartlets from Le Chef Patissier is that they are very focused on retaining the freshness of these cookies. Since there are no preservatives or artificial ingredients, they have packed the tartlets individually. You can see what the individually packed tartlets look like in the product review details below.

Le Chef Patissier French Raspberry Tartlets

Le Chef Patissier French Raspberry Tartlets Product Review Details:

  • Costco item #973482.
  • Le Chef Patissier.
  • La tartelette a la framboise.
  • French raspberry tartlets.
  • French recipe.
  • Made with real fruits.
  • No hydrogenated fat.
  • No palm oil.
  • Individually packaged tartlets.
  • 4 individual boxes of 4.76 oz for freshness.
    • Each box contains 9 individually wrapped tartlets.
  • 19.04 oz (540 g) total weight.
  • Product of France.

Ingredients List

Ingredients: Sugar. Wheat flour. Concentrated butter (Betacaroten coloring). Raspberry puree and concentrated raspberry puree. Invert sugar syrup. Concentrated apple puree. Eggs. Concentrated passion fruit juice. Gelling agent: Pectin. Natural raspberry flavor with other natural flavors. Salt. Concentrated grape juice. Citric acid.

Le Chef Patissier French Raspberry Tartlets contain wheat, milk, and eggs. The product may also contain traces of soy, sesame, and tree nuts.

These delicious raspberry tartlets do not contain any hydrogenated fat or palm oil.

Le Chef Patissier French Raspberry Tartlets Back Panel Description Nutritional Facts Ingredients

Nutrition Facts

The Le Chef Patissier French Raspberry Tartlets serving size is 1 cookie (1 individually wrapped raspberry tartlet). There are about 36 servings per container. 60 calories per serving. 20 calories from fat per serving.

4 individual boxes of 4.76 oz. Each individual box has 9 individually wrapped tartlets.

Keep the raspberry tartlets in a cool and dry place. The raspberry filling may become a bit runny if it’s directly under the sun or gets too warm.

About Le Chef Patissier

I took out 2 raspberry tartlets from one of the boxes. You can see that the raspberry tartlets are nicely and individually wrapped.

About two or three bites and you would finish a Le Chef Patissier French raspberry tartlet. So don’t judge me because I usually can’t resist and have at least a few in one sitting! You can see the actual view of the raspberry tartlets below out of its packaging below. You can see that the actual tartlets themselves are very similar to the picture in the packaging. What you see is definitely what you will get! And it tastes even better than it looks. Each tartlet is fresh thanks to being individually wrapped.

Le Chef Patissier French Raspberry Tartlets Actual Product View with Tartlets Individually Packed

Le Chef Patissier French Raspberry Tartlets are made in France. The company is Le Chef Patissier and they are a family-owned company. They have been in business for over a century. Le Chef Patissier focuses on baking delicious cookies with care. They use the freshest ingredients and follow traditional recipes.

The result of this philosophy is delicious pastries that you can indulge in.

Get a bit of la tartelette a la framboise in your treats!

Le Chef Patissier French Raspberry Tartlets Individual Pack

Below is a snippet of Le Chef Patissier French Raspberry Tartlets and the company’s background.

From the back panel of the cookie tartlets.

Le Chef Patissier French Raspberry Tartlets Individual Pack Back Panel Description Product Origin Story

Where to Buy?

Costco has this available at local warehouses seasonably. You can also find this product on Amazon with free shipping.

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A truly delicious, buttery cookie.

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