Glico Caplico Stick Assort Pack – Iconic Japanese Snack!

I am happy to review one of my favorite snacks from Japan: Caplico sticks. You lie have not heard of the name before, but you will probably recognize the iconic waffle cone shapes topped with milky and colorful flavors. Glico Caplico stick assort pack also includes three enticing flavors.

You can find Caplico sticks everywhere in Asia and in most Asian markets or convenience stores everywhere you go. Glico is a food manufacturer headquartered in Osaka, Japan, and the maker of Caplico sticks. Glico also has operations throughout Europe and Asia. Consequently, products like Caplico are quite recognizable in many of the countries in those regions.

The Japanese love enjoying a break over tea and biscuit snacks. I have to agree with them on this aspect of life. Nothing beats green tea and something sweet or savory. As the holiday season is approaching us, Caplico sticks are definitely a delicious addition to all the cookies and desserts you will enjoy.

Glico Caplico Stick Assort Pack Product Details

  • Item name:  Glico Caplico Stick Assort Pack.
  • Costco item #6130204.
  • Flavored wheat cracker.
  • In the shape of ice cream cones.
  • Assort flavor pack contains:
    • Chocolate flavor
    • Strawberry flavor
    • Vanilla flavor
  • Manufactured by Ezaki Glico Co., ltd.
  • Product of Japan.

Glico Caplico Stick Assort Pack Ingredients List

Allergen information: Caplico sticks contain eggs, milk, wheat, and soybeans. This snack may contain peanuts.

The complete Caplico stick ingredients list can be seen in the picture below.

Glico Caplico Stick Assort Pack - Ingredients List

Glico Caplico Stick Assort Pack Nutrition Facts

The Glico Caplico Stick Assort Pack serving size is one individually wrapped wheat cracker cone. This is equivalent to 24.9 grams or 0.88 ounces. Each Caplico stick assortment pack contains 9 of these cones with three of the flavors each.

Each serving contains about 130 calories. Of those, 60 calories per serving are from fat. Caplico sticks have no trans fat.

Glico Caplico Stick Assort Pack - Wheat Cracker Nutrition Facts

About Glico Caplico Stick Assort Pack

I have been eating these Caplico sticks since I was a child. The recipe and taste hasn’t changed much since then.

Each Caplico stick “cone” is individually seal wrapped. The individual packaging is convenient because you can snack on the go or easily share it with others while retaining the freshness and crispness of the wheat waffle snack. Throw a Caplico cone in your kid’s lunch bag or bring it to the office for easy sharing.

Caplico sticks are basically pocky sticks on steroids. Much more filling and flavors. Caplico sticks aren’t big but they are a lot more satisfying than eating multiple pocky sticks.

Glico Caplico Stick Assort Pack - Side Product Image

There are three flavors on the upper portion of each Caplico stick cone – chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. You can see this easily on both the packaging as well as when you actually open the product. However, on the bottom (handle portion) of the cone, it is filled with a chocolate mousse. So as you are eating it, you get a mixture of different flavors and textures.

I find the Caplico stick fillings to be light and creamy. Very addictive. Kids will love it! I love to trick them by saying it’s actually a real tiny ice cream cone. From a distance, it definitely can fool the untrained eye. When children bite into the Caplico sticks, their eyes widen with surprise as they get cookie flavors of the assortment pack. It’s quite a funny moment!

Looking to Purchase Glico Caplico Stick Assort Pack?

You can find Caplico sticks everywhere. Most Asian supermarkets or convenience stores would probably have this in stock. I have traveled to remote regions in Europe and have even seen these at the most random stores. I have also spotted them at Costco warehouses from time to time. Especially around the holiday season.

Amazon has this item in stock at the best price with shipping included. So the product will arrive at your door with just one click.

Have you bought the Glico Caplico Stick Assort Pack before? What are your thoughts?

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