Folgers Instant Decaf Coffee Crystals

The Folgers Instant Decaf Coffee Crystals is a convenient and delicious coffee that is easy and fast to make.

In a rush? Don’t have a coffee maker or machine? Are you sensitive to caffeine? Or do you enjoy the taste of coffee, especially at night? Well, this product may be for you.

Folgert instant coffee crystals are decaffeinated (there is also a caffeinated version). That means you can drink it right before bedtime. Or enjoy it throughout the day without worrying about how the coffee might keep you up at night. Enjoy a delicious cup of Folgers coffee without a caffeine crash later on in the day.

The Folgers instant decaf coffee crystals are easy and very quick to make. You simply need hot water. The coffee crystals melt in seconds. What you get is a delicious cup of coffee without any mess, machine, or waiting. You can also save a lot of money in the long run.

TheFolgers Instant Decaf Coffee Crystals contain 100% pure coffee. No fillers. No artificial ingredients. Nothing. Just simply good coffee. Easy and fast to make. So you can get on with your day. I think the coffee tastes great. And the quality is comparable to coffee brewed from a machine.

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The Folgers Instant Decaf Coffee Crystals is wonderful.

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Back to the good stuff! Take a look at the detailed review of Folgers Instant Decaf Coffee Crystals below.

Folgers Instant Decaf Coffee Crystals Product Review

Folgers Instant Decaf Coffee Crystals

Folgers Instant Decaf Coffee Crystals Product Review Details:

  • Item name:  Folgers Instant Decaf Coffee Crystals.
  • Costco item #49420.
  • Folgers.
  • Instant coffee crystals.
  • Decaffeinated.
  • Classic decaf.
  • Makes up to 180 cups.
  • 100% pure coffee.
  • 99.7% caffeine free.
  • Make coffee fast and easy.
  • Coffee crystals for strength control.
  • Not a powder.
  • Made in the USA.

Folgers Instant Decaf Coffee Crystals Ingredients List

Ingredients: 100% pure coffee crystals.

99.7% caffeine free. Decaffeinated instant coffee.

Folgers Instant Decaf Coffee Crystals Product Back Panel Instructions Information and Label

Folgers Instant Decaf Coffee Crystals Nutrition Facts

Folgers Instant Decaf Coffee Crystals is not a source of calories.

The net weight is 12 oz (340 g). This container has enough instant coffee crystals to make 180 six fl oz cups of delicious coffee. Instantly.

If you are on a diet, watch how much sugar, cream, and/or milk you are adding into your coffee. The instant coffee itself does not have any calories or fat. However, a few packets of sugar, some milk or cream, and you have yourself something significant.

About Folgers Instant Decaf Coffee Crystals

Making coffee in the morning may be a necessary pain. Fortunately, with instant coffee crystals, the pain part of the process may be a thing of the past. If you like the taste of coffee, but the caffeine levels are too strong for your body, then this may be a good product for you.

Folgers instant decaf coffee crystals are mostly decaffeinated (99.7%). The crystals are very convenient to use. Simply use a small scoop and place hot water in your cup. You can make it as dark or light as you’d like. No worries about too much caffeine in your system. And later in the day, a caffeine crash.

Get the delicious taste of coffee. Without the caffeine withdrawal. And without the time brewing the coffee itself. These instant coffee crystals take a few seconds to melt. No mess. No machines needed. And no waiting.

I love instant coffee. And Folgers instant decaf coffee crystals is the perfect product. You don’t need an elaborate setup. You don’t need an expensive coffee maker machine. All you need is a cup. Some Folgers instant coffee crystals. Hot water. And voila. You have a delicious cup of coffee.

This product is great for those of you who are more sensitive to caffeine. Or don’t want a drop in energy level (aka caffeine crash) later in the day. Enjoy the taste of coffee? Well you can enjoy this Folgers instant coffee anytime during the day. Even right before bed. This decaf instant coffee won’t keep you from falling asleep.

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The Folgers Instant Decaf Coffee Crystals is currently selling at my local Costco Warehouse for $7.89. appears to have the best price for this item with shipping included.

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Folgers Instant Decaf Coffee Crystals Costco Price Panel

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