Duke’s Original Smoked Shorty Sausages

I recently spotted Duke’s Original Smoked Shorty Sausages at my local Costco warehouse. It’s a freshly crafted original recipe smoked sausage with no nitrites. A great source of protein and very little sugar per serving. 

Duke's Original Smoked Shorty Sausages

Duke’s Sausages at Costco Product Details

  • Costco item #1052757.
  • Distributed by Duke’s Meats Corp in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Made with fresh pork that was never frozen.
  • Smoked with pure hickory wood.
  • Hand-hung and slow-dried for days in small batches.
  • No hormones or nitrites added.
  • Low sugar content.
  • 7 grams of protein per serving.
  • Made in the USA.

Smoked Shorty Sausages Ingredients List

Ingredients: Pork. Less than 2% of: Salt. Chopped parsley. Cane sugar. Spices. Vinegar. Celery powder (celery powder and sea salt). Roasted garlic. Natural flavor. Made with beef collagen casing (caramel color and carmine).

Carmine, in case you’re wondering, is a red dye commonly used to color food and is extracted from beetles. It’s the same as how red skittles are colored.

Caution: Enjoy this product within 3 days after opening or keep refrigerated.

Duke's Original Smoked Shorty Sausages No MSG Gluten Free

Nutrition Facts for Duke’s Original Smoked Shorty Sausages

The serving size for this product is 1.5 oz. This is equivalent to 42 grams or about 6 pieces of dried mangoes. You’ll be happy to learn that here are about 20 servings per container. That is 160 calories per serving. Of those, 0 calories per serving are from fat.

Duke's Original Smoked Shorty Sausages Nutrition Facts Ingredients List

About Duke’s Original Smoked Shorty Sausages

It looks like the company makes smoked meats in small batches with as many real ingredients as possible. Definitely worth a try next time you visit your local Costco warehouse.

Duke's Original Smoked Shorty Sausages About Product Descriptions Spices Herbs

Where to Purchase

Currently, most Costco warehouses have this product in stock. With that said, Amazon has this item in stock at the best price with shipping included.

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