Create-A-Treat Gingerbread House Kit

It is time to get your Create-A-Treat Gingerbread House Kit for the holidays!

This is a fun, pre-built Gingerbread house kit. It also has cute Gingerbread characters included and you can customize the Gingerbread house in many fun ways!

It comes in a large box (because the main house is pre-built). And it has lots of icing and candy included for you to have fun with your own design. It is made in Canada and all the contents were well made. See below for an unboxed view of everything that is included. It is delicious!

Create-A-Treat is a highly rated company that makes many gingerbread products. They also have gingerbread trees, trains, and other fun designs for the holidays.

I think it’s a great deal and a good addition to your holiday festivities.

Looking to Purchase Create-A-Treat Gingerbread House Kit?

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Shopping for the Best Gingerbread Products?

The Create-A-Treat Gingerbread House Kit is wonderful.

There are also other very popular and highly rated products in this category. See the Harvey Cares recommendation below.

Back to the good stuff! Take a look at the detailed review of Create-A-Treat Gingerbread House Kit below.

Create-A-Treat Gingerbread House Kit Product Review

Create-a-Treat Gingerbread House Kit

Create-A-Treat Gingerbread House Kit Product Details

  • Item name: Create-A-Treat Gingerbread House Kit
  • Costco Item #624114
  • 2 white icing packs included
  • 1 red icing tube
  • 6 packs of different decoration candy
  • 1 gingerbread chimney, 1 gingerbread door, 2 gingerbread people
  • Pre-built main gingerbread house
  • 3.29 lbs
  • Net weight 52.9 oz (1.5 kg)
  • Made in Canada

Create-A-Treat Gingerbread House Kit Ingredients List

See the ingredients list on the packaging back panel below.

Small candy may be a chocking hazard for children under 3 years old, contains wheat, soy, and egg.

May contains traces of peanut, tree nuts, and milk.

Create-A-Treat Gingerbread House Kit Nutrition Facts

The gingerbread house kit serving size is 1/48 kit (31 g). There are about 48 servings per container. 130 calories per serving. 25 calories from fat per serving.

This is a 3.29 lbs container.

Create-A-Treat Gingerbread House Kit Nutrition Facts

About Create-A-Treat Gingerbread House Kit:

Here you can see everything that is included in the gingerbread house kit.

1 pre-built Gingerbread house. Red icing tube. White pre-made icing with tip. Jelly hearts. Chimney. House door. Awning. Mini characters. Holly leaves. Jelly beans. Spearmint leaves. Star candy. Peppermint balls.

Below you can see the un-boxed and unwrapped view of the gingerbread house kit with everything included laid out.

Create-A-Treat Gingerbread House Kit Unwrapped All Contents

Below you can see the Create-A-Treat Gingerbread House Kit back panel kit description.

You can prepare to make the gingerbread house by first taking out the icing bag. The icing bag may be a bit hard due to temperature. You can easily fix that by massaging the icing pouch for a few minutes.

Create-A-Treat Gingerbread House Kit Contents

Using your Gingerbread House Kit, you can design it however you want!

Generous icing and candy is included for you to build your imagination.

Product packaging back panel:

Create-a-Treat Gingerbread House Kit Side Panel

Costco Price Panel:

Create-A-Treat Gingerbread House Kit is currently selling at my local Costco Warehouse for $9.89

This is a seasonal item so grab this Gingerbread House Kit when you have the chance!

I have not seen a discount on this product before. The item is also not available on

Please note that your local selection and pricing may vary.

Gingerbread House Kit Costco Price

Have you bought the Create-A-Treat Gingerbread House Kit before?

Did you like it? Does your local store have the item in stock? Leave a comment below!  🙂

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