Amazing Baci Perugina Hazelnut Chocolate

If you are thinking about a delicious chocolate with history, the Baci Perugina Hazelnut Chocolate should come to mind immediately. What makes this exquisite hazelnut chocolate interesting is the fact that it has been produced in Italy since 1922. In fact, you will be surprised to learn that not much has changed since then. Likewise, its iconic shape and taste has remained the same over the decades.

The Baci perugina box is nicely made and each dark chocolate praline inside has individual wrappers. Needless to say, it’s great for sharing during the holidays. Notably, as for the actual Baci Perugina chocolate, a whole hazelnut sits on top of the milk chocolate. This gives it its signature look. The bottom contains more hazelnuts that are finely chopped and flavored with natural vanilla.

Baci Perugina Hazelnut Chocolate Costco

Baci Perugina Hazelnut Chocolate Product Details

  • Item name:  Baci Perugina Hazelnut Chocolate.
  • By Nestle Italiana.
  • Delicious individually-wrapped chocolate with chopped hazelnuts.
  • UTZ Certified sustainable cocoa.
  • Nestle Cocoa plan.
  • Kosher dairy.
  • Gluten free.
  • Produced in Italy since 1922.
  • Made with pure cocoa butter.
  • Natural vanilla flavor.
  • 28 total pieces.
  • 14.1 oz net weight (400 grams)
  • Made in Italy.

Baci Perugina Hazelnut Chocolate Ingredients List

Sugar. Hazelnuts. Chocolate (processed with Alkali). Cocoa butter. Milk. Milk fat. Sunflower lecithin. Natural vanilla flavor.

Allergen information: Contains hazelnuts (nuts) and milk.

Baci Perugina Hazelnut Chocolate Nutrition Facts

The Baci Perugina Hazelnut Chocolate serving size is 2 pieces of chocolate. That is about 29 grams. There are 14 servings per container of Baci chocolates. Each serving has about 4 grams of saturated fat and 12 grams of sugar.

Additionally, there is also 2 grams of protein and 10% daily value of iron in every serving.

Baci Perugina Hazelnut Chocolate Nutrition Facts Ingredients List

About Baci Perugina Hazelnut Chocolate

I grew up with Baci perugina chocolates. In fact, I remember clearly the iconic shape that the whole hazelnut creates on the top of the Baci chocolate.  Wrapped in each hazelnut chocolate is a “love note.” The notes remind me of opening up a fortune cookie. Obviously, the cookie in this case would be a much more delicious hazelnut chocolate. I find it uniquely fun to eat while reading the different love slips. Usually when you eat this with friends or family, folks tend to want to compare notes with each other.

Every bite produces rich scents of chocolate and hazelnuts. Uniquely, the gianduja heart itself is a dark milk chocolate with natural vanilla flavors.  This Baci chocolate is definitely a classic and has rich flavors of milk chocolate. More specifically, the dark chocolate accents the textures of velvet smoothness for this irresistible treat.

What’s more – the vanilla flavors are natural. The dairy is also certified Kosher and the cocoa used is sustainably sourced.

Baci Perugina Hazelnut Chocolate Product Description

Looking to Purchase Baci Perugina Hazelnut Chocolate?

Currently, most Costco warehouses have this product in stock due to the holiday season. Based on my research, Amazon has this item in stock at the best price with shipping included.

Ultimately, what are your personal thoughts about this chocolate from Italy? Share your thought below!


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