Kirkland Signature Walkers Shortbread Selection Tin

If you want to enjoy a biscuit that’s truly Scottish, then a shortbread is definitely the answer. Clearly, the Kirkland Signature Walkers Shortbread selection tin is an enticing choice in this timeless dessert. Baked in Scotland with real butter, these shortbread biscuits are truly rich and savory.

Walkers Shortbread Limited located Scotland makes the Kirkland premium shortbread. The simple yet rich recipe is baked in the heart of Scottish Highlands in a secluded village called Aberlour, Speyside.

The Walkers shortbread is based on a traditional recipe handed down for generations in the Walker family. Walkers personally guarantees that the company makes shortbread products using the finest ingredients possible. Not to mention, the shortbread also has no preservatives or artificial colors and flavors. Moms around the world can rejoice!

Kirkland Signature Walkers Shortbread

Kirkland Signature Walkers Shortbread Selection Tin Product Details

  • Item name:  Kirkland Signature Walkers Shortbread Selection Tin.
  • Costco item #284101.
  • Kirkland Signature – your satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Produced by Walkers Shortbread ltd. Aberlour-on-Spey, AB38 9PD.
  • Home-baked recipe.
  • Made with pure butter.
  • Sturdy holiday tin box.
  • Premium shortbread selection.
  • Celebrating 120th shortbread anniversary (1898 to 2018).
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.
  • 114 total butter shortbread pieces.
  • Product of Scotland.

Ingredients List

It’s a simple ingredient list: Wheat flour. Butter. Sugar. Wheat starch. Salt.

Surprisingly, there are no long lists of chemical names that are hard to comprehend.

Allergen information: Contains Milk (dairy), wheat, and gluten. These shortbread biscuits may also contain traces of tree nuts.

Kirkland Signature Walkers Shortbread Nutrition Facts & Ingredients List

Nutrition Facts

Serving size for Kirkland’s walker shortbread biscuits are 2 pieces or about 37 grams. The aluminum tin container is big and sturdy. Therefore, each container has about 57 servings. That’s 114 total shortbread biscuits!

Each serving has about 190 calories. There is also 7 grams of sugar and 2 grams of protein in each serving (2 pieces of shortbread).

Walkers Shortbread 120th Anniversary

I recently spotted this Walkers shortbread tin box at my local Costco warehouse. As you can see, this is the 120 year celebration edition. I found it to be well-packaged and very presentable as a gift for the holidays.

Kirkland Signature Walkers Shortbread Product History 120 Years Celebration

Shortbread with Joseph Walker

The tin box side has a picture of Joseph Walker, his store back then, and his horse Louie. Moreover, you can also see below that there’s an external plastic seal to the tin box.

Kirkland Signature Walkers Shortbread Joseph Walker

Where to Buy

Currently, most Costco warehouses have this product in stock due to the holiday season. Based on my research, Amazon has this item in stock at the best price with shipping included.

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