Kirkland Signature Ultra Clean Detergent Pacs

The Kirkland Ultra Clean Detergent Pacs are easy to use, effective, and economical for all of your laundry needs. These days, detergent pacs, pods, or packets (however you want to call it) are dominating the laundry detergent industry. This Costco product is economical and easy to use just throw one or two in depending on your laundry load and soil level.

The detergent pacs work very well with top-loading or front-loading washing machines. One detergent pod is enough to thoroughly clean one load of laundry. Kirkland Signature products are backed by a full 100% satisfaction guarantee. The quality of the product should meet or exceed brand name products that you rely on every day.


Kirkland Ultra Clean Detergent Pacs Product Details

  • Costco item #981540.
  • Kirkland Signature – your satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Ultra Clean.
  • Premium laundry detergent pacs.
  • Refreshing scent.
  • 1 pac for 1 laundry load.
  • Catches and releases your toughest loads.
  • he Safe for all washers.
  • Patented catch & release technology.
  • Dissolves completely in all water temperatures.
  • Contains bittering agent.
  • 6.87 labs container.
  • 130 pacs.
  • Made in the USA.

Ingredients List for Kirkland Detergent Pods

Ingredients: Concentrated surfactants (nonionic and anionic) and enzymes.

Laundry detergents are harmful if swalloed or put in mouth. It is also an eye irritant. Keep out of reach from children or pets. Water or saliva will quickly dissolve the Kirkland laundry detergent pacs. Do not puncture or cut open.


About Kirkland Signature Detergent Pacs

You should not leave the packet pods outside the container as they may melt. Do not use the Kirkland detergent pacs for pre-treating or hand-washing. 1 pac can take care of 1 medium load. The Kirkland ultra clean detergent pads are suitable for top loader and front loader machines. The pacs/packets dissolve completely in all water temperatures.

From my experience, the Krikland laundry detergent pod will effectively clean out your toughest stains. I usually do 1 pac per laundry load. However, if you do have a heavily soiled laundry load, you could throw in 2 pacs for a very thorough clean.

I find the Kirkland detergent pods much better to use than powdered or liquid laundry detergents. The measurements are going to be a lot more consistent as there is no pouring or measuring involved. You avoid wasting excess laundry detergent from over-pouring.


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