Kirkland Signature Organic Nuts and Berries

Costco has a relatively new product with a mix of organic nuts and berries. We have all heard of the old adage, the more fruits the better! It’s important to consume a diverse range of fruits and berries, especially with different natural colors. The much-followed health trend then shifted to nuts. These crunchy and salty delights are touted as a new super food category. The rule still applies, apparently.

By now, you are probably quite familiar with the Kirkland Signature brand. It is very rare to not like something that they have created. Most of Kirkland products match or exceed brand name products. This nuts and berries mix is no exception.

Kirkland Organic Nuts and Berries Product Details

  • Costco item #1023896.
  • Kirkland Signature – your satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Premium mixed nuts and berries with pumpkin seeds.
  • Certified organic.
  • Nuts include cashews and almonds.
  • Berries include blueberries and cranberries.
  • Almonds are dry roasted.
  • Resealable bag.
  • 1.75 pound package.
  • Certified organic by QAI.
  • Made in in the USA of domestic and imported ingredients.

Ingredients List

Organic cashews. Organic dry roasted almonds and salt. Organic dried whole blueberries (with organic cane sugar and sunflower oil). Organic dried cranberries (with organic sugar and sunflower oil). Organic pumpkin seeds.

Allergen information: This product obviously includes nuts. Don’t go near this if you have tree nut allergies!

Nutrition Facts

The whole bag of nuts and berries weighs 1.75 pounds. Each serving size is about a quarter (1/4) cup of nuts and berries. There are about 26 servings in this neat Kirkland package.

For each serving, there are about 150 calories. Of which 80 calories are from fat.

Looking at the nutrition facts below, you can see that this product has a decent source of fiber and protein (mainly from the almonds). It also is a small source of iron, although not too much at 6% of daily value per serving. It’s all about diversifying, right? Some iron from here and some iron from there, and you’ve got your daily value!

Kirkland Organic Nuts and Berries Nutrition Facts Ingredients List

Benefits of consuming organic nuts and berries

I am only particular about organic ingredients if it needs be. Watermelon, for example, has a thick skin. So even if pesticides are sprayed on the surface, it’s unlikely much of the chemicals would be absorbed into the flesh. Berries, however, usually have a very thin skin. Blueberries and cranberries have delicate surfaces that are very permeable. Any chemicals or pesticides sprayed on them would be more easily absorbed into the berry itself. Even more so, it is harder to wash berries as the slightest pressure would destroy it. Therefore, I definitely prefer organic berries whenever possible.

Tree nuts such as cashews and almonds is also another category that should be organic. The reason is because we don’t normally wash nuts before we consume them. So however growers and manufacturers processed it would ultimately hit our digestive system. An organic route provides more of an assurance that what we are consuming is clean.

Kirkland Organic Nuts and Berries Product Description

The Kirkland organic nuts and berries mix provides the best of both worlds. Not only is it certified organic by KAI but it is also delicious! Organic products are just more tasty in general.

I found that almonds are roasted very well and the cashews are crunchy but not overwhelming. The pumpkin seeds mixed throughout this package adds another dimension of flavor and texture. To wrap everything up, the flavors of the blueberries and cranberries are sweet and tart, which mix beautifully with the saltiness of the nuts and seeds.

Overall, a great product to share with family for the holiday season!

Given that this is a Kirkland Signature product, you can rest assured that your satisfaction is guaranteed! I love this product and I’m sure you will enjoy it as well.

Where to Buy?

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