Curad Variety Pack Bandage

The Curad Variety Pack Bandage is an effective protective bandage for all of your cuts, burns, and scrapes.

In an ideal world, we would never get injured. However, sometimes life gets in the way and we get a cut here or a scrape there. More often than not, these are small nuisances that we try to ignore. We attempt to move on with the pain of the water splashing onto our small wound.

More pain more gain? Not really. Curad’s bandages offer good protection for your wounds from cuts, burns, or scrapes. The Curad 4-sided seal technology helps ensure that germs and dust does not go into your wound during recovery and healing. These bandages are also twice as absorbent as other brands. With 320 pieces on this variety box, every need in your family can be easily and affordably covered. I don’t see any reason why there shouldn’t be a box in the bathrooms of every family!

Curad Variety Pack Bandage Product Review

Curad Variety Pack Bandage Product Review Details:

  • Item name:  Curad Variety Pack Bandage.
  • Costco item #1009311.
  • Curad.
  • A leading brand hospitals use.
  • Bandage variety pack.
  • Featuring 4-sided seal for complete protection.
  • Assorted bandages for all kinds of injuries.
  • Complete bandage assortment.
  • Bandage keeps dirt and germs out.
  • Curady variety pack bandages contain the following varieties:
    • Medium waterproof bandages.
    • Flex-fabric assorted bandages.
    • Sheer assorted bandages.
    • Flex-fabric finger and knuckle bandages.
    • Heavy duty assorted bandages.
  • Twice as absorbent when compared to other brands.
  • 320 pieces.
  • Made in the USA.

Curad Variety Pack Bandage Box Contents

Curad’s variety pack bandages is a must-have in your home. We all get injured from time to time. Injuries range from a small paper cut to a large knife cut that is gushing blood. What’s the most important is to protect that wound so you can recover faster. Bandages prevent dirt and germs from entering your wound while you heal. Moreover, these bandages will make taking a shower or brushing your teeth (if it’s a hand injury) just a bit easier without too much pain from exposure to the elements.

This Curad bandage variety pack contains all shapes and sizes. Some are designed to be especially water proof with Curad’s 4-sided seal technology. More importantly, Curad bandages are also two times more absorbent than other brands. This helps keep your wound dry, speeding up recovery.

About Curad Variety Pack Bandage

I recommend that you use Curad bandages on minor cuts, burns, or scrapes. While applying the bandage, you should make sure that your hands are clean, and that the target area is clean and dry. You may apply ointments like Neosporin on your wound before you place the bandage on to assist with recovery.

Most people change bandages at least once a day or when it becomes wet. Consequently, if you take a shower with a bandage on, you should replace it. If you do not, that bandage will stay wet and so will your wound. Adversely, having a wet wound will delay recovery and increase the risks of an infection.

What I Like About Curad Variety Pack Bandage

I believe that variety usually equates to being fully prepared. With a variety of bandages, you are ready for that next injury. Having the right bandage for a particular injury can provide comfort and speed up healing times.

Please note that this product is not made with natural rubber latex (allergy alert).

What I Don’t Like About Curad Variety Pack Bandage

If you live alone or are not prone to injuries, having a big box of 320 count bandages may end up being wasteful. Therefore, I would recommend that you size down. The links on this page offer a smaller version of the Curad bandages available.

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The Curad Variety Pack Bandage is an essential product for most families or households.

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