Zipcar Discount via Giftcard

Looking for a Zipcar discount?

As far as I know, there are no coupon codes that offer you a Zipcar discount (besides one-time sign up incentives and referrals).

For an even better deal every time you drive, here is a trick from Costco Observer to secure a 20% discount:

Purchase $100 worth of Zipcar gift cards for only $79.99

  • The pack comes with two $50 Zipcar gift cards to redeem on your Zipcar account
  • 20% discount
  • No fees
  • Never expires
  • Add to your Zipcar account whenever you want with the code on the back of the card
  • The credit applies to driving and monthly membership fees


You should be able to find this deal at your local Costco warehouse.  Costco usually has this item in stock.

The item # is 909252.  Two $50 Zipcar gift cards for $79.99

This deal is not available on


Zipcar offers hourly and daily car rentals at major cities world wide.

I use a Zipcar every two weeks to run errands in the city.  It is a godsend.  It saves me a lot of money as I can use the car whenever I need to.

Whenever I don’t need it, I am not stuck with the headaches of car ownership – parking, insurance, taxes, fees, and car depreciation.

  • Rent whenever you want
    • Easily book your car with a few clicks on or on the Zipcar app
  • Rent the exact car you want
    • The booking page displays the exact car, model, and capacity of your car
    • No more surprises, no more disappointments
  • Rent by the hour (and half hour) or by the day
    • Run an errand for an hour and return the car when the time is up
    • Get on a road trip and secure the car for a day or even a week!
  • A variety of membership options
    • Annual membership options
    • Monthly membership options
    • Rate discount incentives on certain membership tiers
  • Awesome customer service
    • A customer representative is just a call away whenever you need help
  • Don’t worry about parking
    • Not owning a car means you don’t have to worry about parking
    • Zipcar has reserved parking
      • Park your Zipcar at the reserved parking when you have an active reservation!
  • Don’t worry about insurance
    • Basic insurance is included in your rental
  • Don’t worry about gas
    • Gas is included in your rental
    • When you use up the gas in the tank, refill with a Zipcar fuel card in the car at any gas station for free
  • Don’t worry about taxes, fees, or registration on your car
    • Zipcar takes care of all that.  Just drive and get things done!
  • Don’t worry about car depreciation
    • Pay when you use the car.  Pay nothing when you don’t use it

Take advantage of this Zipcar discount today and start saving money!

Don’t let car ownership bleed you dry.  We know you work hard to earn your money.  Make sure every single dollar of yours is working hard for you.  Ours is at Fresh Money.

What are your thoughts about Zipcar?

Have you been able to save money in lieu of car ownership?

Leave a comment below!  🙂


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