Get Rich on Coins – The Power of Pennies

Never estimate the power of pennies as you can get rich on coins!

I hate coins.

I rarely use cash, and whenever I do use cash and I am given change, I usually wish there aren’t any.

Such nuisance!  And the coins don’t even amount to much!

This is a common pitfall.

Surely, these coins do not add up to much.  They are easily tossed around, forgotten in the corners of our home, accidentally dropped on the floor and lost.

Do not let this habit take over you life!

Whenever you have coins, save it (put it in your pocket, a designated area in your backpack or purse, etc.) until you get home, and place it into a jar.

Coin Jar

When the jar is full, deposit all the coins at your local bank!

Some banks have free coin counting machines and very often do not assess any fees if you have an account with them (they will just deposit the amount into your checking or savings account).

Last time I checked, TD Bank has coin counting machines in many of their branch locations.

If your local bank does not have a coin counting machine, you can still head to the branch, and they will usually offer one of the solutions below:

  1. Count it for you at the teller counter
    1. Time consuming for them and usually they would be willing only if the branch is not busy
  2. Give you empty coin roll wrappers
    1. You will have to put your coins into the roll wrappers and when you fill everything up, head back to the teller counter for them to either give you cash or deposit into your account
  3. Collect it for you without counting
    1. They usually have third-party coin counting company working for the bank count it for you and then the amount deposited into your account once the count is complete (takes a few business days)

Your money should never stop working for you.  Not even a penny.

Get on top of your personal finances today.  Every single cent counts!

What is your own story about saving up coins?  Leave a comment below! 🙂


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