Lexar USB 3.0 Flash Drive (128GB) (JumpDrive S25)

One of my favorite electronics items at Costco is the Lexar USB 3.0 Flash Drive.

This review is on the 128 GB JumpDrive S25 flash drive. I store all my movies and shows on two of these USB flash drives. Each has a 128 gb capacity and free up very precious hard drive space on my laptop – which is wonderful.

Having my movies and shows (or even pictures, music, and other files) on the Lexar USB 3.0 flash drives drives allow me to easily share the content for enjoyment with friends and family.

The Lexar USB 3.0 Flash Drives are very cost effective. They don’t cost much each. They also hold a LOT of data if you opt for the 128 gb one. I believe there are several capacity options ranging from the double digits to the triple digits. I have found the 128 gigabyte configuration to be the best balance between price, capacity, and speed. From my experience, the Lexar USB 3.0 flash drives are also very reliable. So far, none of them stopped working yet.

The Lexar USB 3.0 Flash Drive also comes with an encryption software suite available. If you wanted to use this USB flash drive to store sensitive files, you can use the encryption software to keep your files safe. You can also easily keep this flash drive with you given its lightweight features.

It works seamlessly with my Apple MacBook Pro. I manually deleted the encryption software that came with the flash drive.

I currently own 3 Lexar USB 3.0 flash drives and plan to buy another one soon! The cost and risks of maintaining these are far lower than those of a hard drive. Own a few of these and the capacity probably beats the hard drive that is currently in your computer.

Looking to Purchase Lexar USB 3.0 Flash Drive (128GB) (JumpDrive S25)?

Already made up your mind? Amazon has this item in stock at the best price with shipping included:

The Lexar USB 3.0 Flash Drive is a wonderful and economic flash storage product.

There are also other very popular and highly rated products in this category. See the Harvey Cares recommendation below.

Back to the good stuff! Take a look at the detailed review of Lexar USB 3.0 Flash Drive (128GB) (JumpDrive S25) below.

Lexar USB 3.0 Flash Drive (128 GB) Product Review

Lexar USB 3.0 Flash Drive (128 GB)

Lexar USB 3.0 Flash Drive (128 GB) Product Details

  • Item name: Lexar USB 3.0 Flash Drive (128 GB) (JumpDrive S25)
  • Costco Item #997820
  • By Micron
  • 128 GB capacity
    • 128 gigabytes, which is 128,000 megabytes, equivalent to 100 DVD-quality movies, 30,000 songs or 40,000 photos depending on what you decide to put in there
  • USB 3.0
    • Stores and transfers content faster with SuperSpeed USB 3.0 technology
    • Seamlessly backwards compatible on USB 2.0 devices
  • Up to 150 mb/s read speeds
  • The flash drive comes with EncryptStick Lite software, an advanced security solution with 256-bit AES encryption
  • Slim, retractable design
  • Key ring loop included
  • Compatible with PC and Mac systems
  • Made in China

About Lexar USB 3.0 Flash Drive (128 GB) (JumpDrive S25):

The Lexar 128 GB USB 3.0 flash drive offers amazing capacity at a wonderful price.

USB 3.0 will store and transfer your content much faster. It also works seamless with USB 2.0 devices.

In my opinion, the outer layer (the plastic casing) of the Lexar USB 3.0 Flash Drive (128 GB) is not strong or well-made. So you should handle it with care. Avoid having the USB flash drive plugged in and knocking it against the wall or your table.

The manufacturer made it with, from my perspective, cheap plastic to drive down the costs of this thing. The price is wonderful though so I won’t complain. Give and take, am I right?

What you need to do is treat it delicately and don’t pull it hard, don’t accidentally smack it against when it’s plugged into your laptop, etc.

Other than that, this is a great flash drive at a very attractive price point. With the storage capacity (128GB), you can store many movies and pictures. I have found accessing files stored on this thumb drive to be very fast. This really beats having a hard drive that breaks down after a while. There are no moving parts to flash drives, so you can take the Lexar USB 3.0 Flash Drive with you wherever you go. Conveniently share files. Easily transport files physically.

Pictures of the Lexar USB 3.0 Flash Drive (128 GB) out of its packaging. Detailed actual product images below.

Lexar USB 3.0 Flash Drive (128 GB) Actual View Product Packaging

Lexar USB 3.0 Flash Drive back view with the item number. Included in this package is also a key chain loop.

Lexar USB 3.0 Flash Drive (128 GB) Actual Look Back

Lexar USB 3.0 Flash Drive (128 GB) Actual Look Close Up Front

Costco Price Panel

Lexar USB 3.0 Flash Drive (128 GB) (JumpDrive S25) is currently selling at my local Costco Warehouse for $24.99

There are occasional discounts on this product. The item is also not available on Costco.com

Please note that your local selection and pricing may vary. If you want good prices on flash drives, Amazon is a great place to secure a solid product at a great price. Take a look at the Amazon product recommendations in the beginning of this article.

Have you bought the Lexar USB 3.0 Flash Drive (128 GB) (JumpDrive S25) before?

Did you like it? Does your local store have the item in stock? Leave a comment below!  🙂


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