Keurig K525C Plus Coffee Maker

The Keurig K525C Plus Coffee Maker is the ultimate brewing machine!

The Keurig coffee maker features precise beverage strength and temperature control. There is also available hot water on demand. No more waiting for that water to boil. The Keurig K525 coffee maker also features customizable brew size options.

Reuse and recycle with the My K-Cup reusable coffee filters, included in this package.

Keurig is a part of the Keurig Green Mountain company. Keurig Green Mountain, formerly known as Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, is a leader in coffee makers. The company specializes in making great specialty coffee, teas, and many other convenient single serve beverages.

I have found their coffee and teas to be of great quality and very good taste. Most importantly, their products are dependable. You will find the same taste at every brew. Consistency and ease of use is what drives their products.

Keurig K525C Plus Coffee Maker kit includes:

  • 12 K-Cup Pods.
    • The variety pack includes many different brands and flavors for you to try. Ranging from green tea to strong coffee.
  • My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filters.
    • Reuse and recycle.
  • Water Filter Handle Replacement and Cartridge.
  • Brewer Needle Maintenance Accessories.

Looking to Purchase Keurig K525C Plus Coffee Maker?

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Shopping for the Best Coffee Maker?

The Keurig K525C Plus Coffee Maker is wonderful.

There are also other very popular and highly rated products in this category. See the Harvey Cares recommendation below.

Back to the good stuff! Take a look at the detailed review of Keurig K525C Plus Coffee Maker below.

Keurig K525C Plus Coffee Maker Product Review

Keurig K525C Plus Coffee Maker

Keurig K525C Plus Coffee Maker Product Review Details:

  • Item name:  Keurig K525C Plus Coffee Maker.
  • Costco item #1881975.
  • Keurig 2.0.
  • K525C Plus series.
  • Single serve coffee maker.
  • Brews a cup, brews a mug, and brews a carafe.
  • 80 oz water reservoir.
  • Ultimate Keurig with:
    • Customizable settings.
    • Strength and temperature controls.
    • Hot water on demand.
    • Auto on/off.
    • 2.8 inch color touch display.
  • Includes 12 K-Cup ready to use pods.
  • Keurig 2.0 resusable coffee filter.
  • Maintenance needle accessory.
  • Energy saving mode.
  • Night light.
  • 5 different temperature settings.

About Keurig K525C Plus Coffee Maker

To create a consistently sensational brew, every time. Wouldn’t that be nice?

The K525C kit includes 12 K-Cup pods with a variety of tastes and flavors.

You could brew amazing beverages from Dunkin’ Donuts, Newman’s Own, Eight O’Clock, Folgers, Peet’s Coffee, Gevalia, Donut Shop, Starbucks, Kahlua, and more. At the touch of a button. Life is easier and more enjoyable with a Keurig!

Also included in the kit is water filter handle plus one replacement water filter.

You can also brew coffee or tea over ice. Create a great summer drink for that hot day with a touch of a button. Enjoy a healthier beverage knowing what you put into your drink and how much sugar you are consuming.

Keurig K525C Plus Coffee Maker Side Panel Description Item Functions What is Included

Costco Price Panel

The Keurig K525C Plus Coffee Maker is currently selling at my local Costco Warehouse for $124.99 appears to have the best price for this item with shipping included.

Please note that your local selection and pricing may vary.

Keurig K525C Plus Coffee Maker Actual Unit Display Look

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