Bionaire MicaThermic Convection Heater

The Bionaire MicaThermic Convection heater is a wise and effective addition to your apartment or house.

Perfect for the winter!

The heat from this convection heater feels like an old fashioned radiator. It heats slow and steady, with a low dryness effect, and a very low noise level. This is perfect for the office, bedroom, living room, etc. It is likely you won’t need a humidifier with this heater. I haven’t found its heating effects to be too drying.

I found this convection heater to be pretty well built at its price point. Heat generation comes out very fast from cold start.

I bought two of these for my two bedroom apartment in preparation for the winter. I found the item to be a nice, lightweight, silent, and efficient heating solution without much dryness.

The heat from this Bionaire MicaThermic heater can get really strong. There are multiple heat settings on the control panel. This thing definitely packs big heating potential even for the coldest weather. I was very impressed.

The external panels of the unit also does not get too hot even with the unit at maximum heat. This is a lot more forgiving than other heaters if you accidentally touch it or brush against it.

Looking to Purchase Bionaire MicaThermic Convection Heater?

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Shopping for the Best Room Heaters?

The Bionaire MicaThermic Convection Heater is a very practical heater for your home or apartment.

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Back to the good stuff! Take a look at the detailed review of Bionaire MicaThermic Convection Heater below.

Bionaire MicaThermic Convection Heater

Bionaire MicaThermic Convection Heater

Bionaire MicaThermic Convection Heater Product Details

  • Item name: Bionaire MicaThermic Convection Console Heater
  • Costco Item #211169
  • Weight:  12 lbs
  • Height:  25.75 inches
  • NSF Certified for home house
  • Gradual heat (gently radiates warmth throughout your room)
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • 2 heat settings
  • Adjustable manual thermostat
  • Portable, lightweight design with rolling casters and carry handle
  • Auto safety shut off and tip-over safety protection
  • Made in China

About Bionaire MicaThermic Convection Heater

The Bionaire MicaThermic Convection Heater has a tip-over safety protection. It automatically turns off the heater if accidentally knocked over. However, you should still always be cautious around the unit, especially when it is on.

The item is not heavy so if you have pets or children around the house, I would not allow them to be near the unit.

This is important! Condition your new unit. When you first turn on the Bionaire MicaThermic Convection Heater, plug it in outside or at a well-ventilated area indoors. And turn it on maximum heat for an hour. This will “condition” the unit and get rid of the smell permanently. Manufacturers apply chemicals to the metal components of this item to prevent rusting when in storage. The manual says 15 minutes but 1 hour is optimal.

Bionaire MicaThermic Convection heater packaging box side panel description:

Bionaire MicaThermic Convection Heater Quiet

Below you will see the Bionaire MicaThermic Convection heater packaging box side panel description. There are 2 heat settings. In each setting, there are multiple levels of heat that you can configure.

The convection heater is very lightweight. Definitely a lot less bulky and heavy than the traditional oil heaters. This heater would be great for you if you need it to be portable.

Bionaire MicaThermic Convection Heater Gradual

I was happy to see that the Bionaire MicaThermic Convection heater is well-packaged and you will see from the pictures below that the installation is straightforward.

Below you will see the step by step pictures of my unwrapping the Bionaire MicaThermic Convection heater.

I found the convection heater by Bionaire to be very well packaged.

The initial installation (which is really just the handles and the wheels base) was easy to understand and follow.

Bionaire MicaThermic Convection Heater Packaging

All the pieces to a great machine that will keep you warm.

Bionaire MicaThermic Convection heater actual unit view. Below you can see the wrapper that holds the convection heater.

From my experience, this heater is well made and has a solid construction.

Bionaire MicaThermic Convection Heater Unpack

The wheels can be “popped” into the sides of the mounting brackets.  No tools required for a sturdy installation.

Below you can see the Bionaire MicaThermic Convection heater actual unit view. Unwrapped from its plastic packagings.

To install the wheels, just snap the wheels in place to the base. You will hear a “click” and you are all set! The wheels are very stable, don’t wobble, and holds convection heater well. Bionaire included very clear instructions on how to set the heater up. I found that to be quite useful.

Bionaire MicaThermic Convection Heater Wheels Mobile

The wheels assembled after snapping it in place.

Below you will see the wheel base set up. You do not need any special screws, hammers, or tools to install this heater.

The included screws can be twisted in by hand. The screws have very manual friendly levers that you can screw into the base.

Bionaire MicaThermic Convection Heater Wheels Mobile 2

The handle of the heater (right) and the second base (bottom).

The screws (left) is used to hold the components together. No tools needed – just twist the screws in with your fingers.

Below you can see the screws I mentioned about up top. To the right is the handle that you will install onto the top of the heater.

Bionaire MicaThermic Convection Heater Handle

What it looks like on the bottom after it is assembled.

Below you can see the wheel attached to the base of the convection heater.

Bionaire MicaThermic Convection Heater Base

Voilà!  The Bionaire MicaThermic Convection Heater ready for action.

Final product:

Bionaire MicaThermic Convection Heater Install

Costco Price Panel:

The Bionaire MicaThermic Convection heater is currently selling at my local Costco Warehouse for $79.99

I have not seen a discount on this product before. The item is available on for $84.99. This is with shipping & handling included if you’d like to avoid a trip to the warehouse!

The item is not heavy though at only about 12 pounds. It would not be difficult for you to pick it up during your next trip and save a few bucks.

Please note that your local selection and pricing may vary.

Have you bought the Bionaire MicaThermic Convection heater before?

Did you like it? Does your local store have the item in stock? Leave a comment below!  🙂


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