Wellesse Joint Movement Glucosamine Supplement

The Wellesse Joint Movement Glucosamine Supplement is a top product in its category. As a liquid glucosamine source for your body, this product is fast-acting and effective. Moreover, glucosamine supplements can help support joint and cartilage health.

The liquid glucosamine is flavored naturally and offers fast relief and lasting effectiveness. Being a liquid glucosamine source, your body absorbs this faster and easier. What’s more, the Wellesse glucosamine is also reinforced with hyaluronic acid and MSM. Both heightens the product’s effects on joint health!

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The Wellesse Joint Movement Glucosamine Supplement is wonderful.

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Wellesse Joint Movement Glucosamine Supplement Product Review


Wellesse Joint Movement Glucosamine Supplement Product Review Details:

  • Item name:  Wellesse Joint Movement Glucosamine Supplement.
  • Costco item #402146.
  • Liquid glucosamine.
  • By Wellesse.
  • Nature’s Way Family of Brands.
  • Joint movement dietary support.
  • Sugar free.
  • Berry flavor with other natural flavors.
  • Joint movement glucosamine.
  • Glucosamine supplement at 2,000 mg.
  • Chondroitin supplement at 1,200 mg.
  • Hyaluronic acid at 10 mg.
  • msm at 500 mg.
  • Extra strength formula.
  • Vitamin D3 to help promote healthy bones and muscle function.
  • 33 servings.
  • Dietary supplement.
  • 33.8 fluid ounces (or 1,000 mL).
  • Made in the USA.

Wellesse Joint Movement Glucosamine Supplement Ingredients List

Main ingredients: Glucosamine. Chondroitin Sulfate. MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane). Hyaluronic acid.

Other ingredients: Purified water. Vegetable glycerin. Erythritol (as a sweetner). Natural flavors. Fruit and vegetable juice blend (for color). Citric acid. Potassium benzoate (to preserve freshness). Sucralose. Sodium EDTA (to preserve freshness).

Wellesse Joint Movement Glucosamine Supplement Nutrition Facts

Wellesse Joint Movement Glucosamine Supplement serving size is 2 tablespoons (1 fl oz or 30 mL). There are about 33 servings per container. 30 calories per serving. 0 calories from fat per serving.

The popular liquid glucosamine supplement also contains 400 IU of Vitamin D3 in the form of cholecalciferol.


Why is Glucosamine Important?

Glucosamine is essential for our health. This amino sugar is used in the bichemical synthesis of proteins and lipids. Some scientific studies show that glucosamine can provide mild relief for arthritis joint pain.

Glucosamine has also been studied to delay the development of knee osteoarthritis. However, Glucosamine is by no means a miracle dietary supplement. Simply put, glucosamine sulfate is a chemical naturally found in the body, especially around joints.

Many members in my family over the age of 40 or 50 take glucosamine supplements. If you have joint problems, it won’t hurt to take this Wellesse Joint Movement Glucosamine Supplement as a dietary support.

What is Chondroitin?

Wellesse also added a few other ingredients to increase the usefulness of this product. For example, this supplement also includes high doses of Chondroitin and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane).

Chondroitin helps support your healthy joint function and cartilage. It works in conjunction with glucosamine and help your body replenish the chemicals it needs to repair and strengthen your joints.

Glucosamine in conjunction with Chondroitin act as your body’s shock absorber around the joints. Furthermore, it naturallylubricates them. This ensures continued flexibility and less pain from friction.

Why is MSM important?

There are many MSM dietary supplements there as well. MSM is a good source of sulfur for your body. MSM helps support a healthy cartilage and improves your joints and gut health.

Believe it or not – many of us start experiencing joint pains and flexibility issues as we approach and pass our 30s or 40s. Knee osteoarthritis can be a painful addition in our demanding lives with children and stressful jobs. As a result, a liquid glucosamine dietary supplement enriched with Chondroitin and MSM can help the body better replenish itself.


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