Miralax Laxative Powder

We all get the occasional constipation. Sometimes when the symptoms take control of our lives, we need something extra to get things back to normal again. The Miralax Laxative Powder is a dependable and simple solution to constipation and irregularity.

This stool softener comes in unflavored powder and is grit free. There are no preservatives and no taste, so you can easily take this without feeling yucky. The MiraLAX powder dissolves easily in all kinds of liquids.

Irregularity is not fun. If you have a healthy digestive system, you should pass stool at least once a day. Every day we consume a lot of things and after digestion, they need to leave our system. Our stool also contains a lot of dead cells that the body has cycled through. I tend to experience more constipation when I am stressed or traveling for work. Therefore, it’s always ideal to monitor your digestive progress on a daily basis and see what further action you need to take. There are also always probiotic products that you can take to enhance your digestion.

Miralax Laxative Powder

Miralax Laxative Powder Product Details

  • Item name:  Miralax Laxative Powder.
  • By Bayer.
  • Easy to pour bottle.
  • Twin pack.
  • Unflavored powder.
  • Grit free.
  • Softens stool.
  • Relieves the occasional irregularity or constipation.
  • Once-a-day dose.
  • Made in the USA.

Miralax Laxative Powder Ingredients List

Active ingredients: Polyethylene glycol which serves as the osmotic laxative.

There are no other inactive ingredients.

Miralax Laxative Powder Drug Facts and Ingredients List

About Miralax Laxative Powder

There is nothing complicated about laxative powders. They increase the frequency of your bowel movements and softens stool so that you can have more regularity. No more constipation – problem solved. Mayer manufactures this laxative powder from Miralax and has been a dependable brand for decades.

MiraLAX contains only one ingredient. This means there are no preservatives and the product happens to be gluten free. There are also no sugars. Each 20.4 oz bottle contains 34 doses.

If you happen to need to take laxatives for a whole month straight, then each bottle will last you over a month. Although I would recommend that you spread the doses over a longer period of time and see how the product relieves your constipation symptoms. Granted, it’s always a good idea to consult with your doctor about constipation and its associated symptoms!

Lastly, there are a plethora of probiotic products that you can take to enhance your gut flora.

Miralax Laxative Powder Product Description from Bayer

Looking to Purchase Miralax Laxative Powder?

Most Costco warehouses always has this item in stock in their drug and health area. Based on my research, Amazon has this item in stock at the best price with shipping included.

Have you bought the Miralax Laxative Powder before?

Did you like it? Does your local store have the item in stock?


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