About Harvey at Costco

I love shopping at Costco.

Who can say no to the famous $1.50 all beef hotdog and unlimited soda combination?  Or trying samples from various stations throughout the warehouse?  Did I mention a very consumer-friendly return policy?  Perhaps you have heard of the 2% cash back on most purchases (when you use the Citi Costco credit card or a comparable Visa credit card) and the additional 2% cash back as an Executive card member.  Or my personal favorite, increasing organic selections on fruits and vegetables.  The benefits and appeals go on and on.

Perhaps it is an unhealthy consumer addiction, but I happily embrace it.  Every time I visit my local warehouse (which amounts to at least once or twice a week these days), I always discover something new.  Whenever I travel for work or leisure, I make an effort to visit a Costco warehouse at the new location.  I am always astonished by how consistent the warehouses are yet retain their subtle and unique attitude and/or product offerings.  It’s definitely an experience.

One of Costco’s appeal to me is its ability to flip product offerings based on timing, inventory, and popularity. There’s always something new at Costco the following week.

This strength, however, can also be frustration as I may find a new favorite product only to not find it anymore the following week.  Moreover, I always want to learn more about a product I encounter at Costco.  To review product details, attributes, and specifics such as nutrition facts, ingredients list, or country of origin.

Therefore, I started this website to offer details on products you can find at Costco and on its website.  Most of the product reviews are objective, although my tone is mostly an encouragement for you to try the product.  I may have never found half of the products I love if I didn’t pull the trigger and give it a chance.

I am not affiliated with Costco or any of the product manufacturers in any way.  This website is only powered by ads from Google and Amazon.

Welcome and I hope you learn something about a new product today.

Thank you for your support.